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The two parts of a DUI arrest in Hawaii

If you were recently arrested for a DUI, you are probably anxious about what will happen next. The consequences of a DUI are severe, affecting your life for years, so it is crucial to have a strong defense for your case. Hawaii DUI cases happen in two parts: an administrative and a criminal hearing. Here is an overview of what these hearings mean for you.

An introduction to SR-22

When it comes to driving, most people are doing their best to drive as safely as possible. However, whether it is done intentionally or not, unsafe driving does happen. The possibility of injury and damage is one of the main reasons the state of Hawaii requires drivers to have car insurance.

Because vehicles have the potential to cause large amounts of damage to people and their property, the law takes safe driving very seriously. There are penalties for different driving offenses and some of them can require drivers to file for a SR-22.


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