Effective Representation In Hawaii DUI Cases

Penalties for DUI/OVUII in Hawaii can be harsh. When you have been arrested for drinking and driving, it is important to hire a lawyer who knows Hawaii drunk driving law.

When you visit the welcoming downtown Honolulu office of Rustam A. Barbee, Attorney at Law, he will talk with you about how Hawaii drunk driving laws apply to your situation. Rustam will zealously represent you in administrative license revocation hearings and fight criminal fines and suspensions. He will recommend the best course of action for you, taking charge of your case and making sure that everything is done right to get a favorable outcome for you.

Understanding DUI/OVUII Charges In Hawaii

In Hawaii, DUI/OVUII charges are divided into two parts: administrative hearings and criminal proceedings with a judge.

The Administrative Hearing

The first issue that you need to resolve as part of your DUI concerns the suspension of your driver's license. If you have been arrested for DUI/OVUII, you will most likely need to contest an administrative license revocation. You must request a hearing at the Administrative Driver's License Revocation Office, or ADLRO.

It is important to act quickly; otherwise you may lose the right to schedule a hearing. A conditional license permit may be available to allow you to drive to and from work and at work.

The Criminal Case

The second part of your DUI will concern the criminal case, which determines the punishments that will apply if you are convicted. Attorney Barbee will examine every aspect of the charges against you, paying attention to the details. He knows how to challenge the prosecution's case against you such as the legality of the stop, the field sobriety test and the Intoxilyzer (Breathalyzer). Knowing that your freedom and license are at stake, he does not hesitate to make every possible challenge to the prosecution's case against you. Rustam Barbee is truly a zealous advocate for you.

The Use Of Interlock Devices For Those Convicted Of A DUI

Hawaii authorizes the use of ignition interlock devices as a deterrent to drunk driving. These cellphone-sized instruments are installed into the starting circuit of vehicles. The driver blows into the device and the vehicle starts up for a sober driver but will not start for a drunk driver.

Upon approval, the driver installs the interlock system and obtains a permit to drive. The driver also pays a monthly service fee. The law prohibits tampering with or aiding and abetting circumvention of the ignition interlock device.

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