Attorney Experienced At Handling Complex Federal Criminal Charges

If you or a loved one has been charged with a federal crime in Hawaii, you need an attorney who truly cares about your future. Rustam A. Barbee, Attorney at Law, is a knowledgeable and approachable attorney who takes time to really listen to his clients' concerns. He makes certain to thoroughly understand your situation and gives honest assessments of your case.

As a former prosecutor, Mr. Barbee learned the arguments that a savvy lawyer would use to put criminals in jail. As a federal criminal defense attorney, he uses this insight to prepare a defense that gives his clients the advantage in court.

Attorney Barbee handles a number of federal criminal defense needs for his clients, including cases involving:

Each stage of a federal case, from discovery to the verdict, requires a thorough understanding of the legal procedures and relevant laws. Rustam has many years of experience representing clients in federal cases. He has successfully represented clients through the pretrial, trial and sentencing periods. In addition, he has extensive knowledge of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, Federal Rules of Evidence, Federal Sentencing Guidelines and United States Code, and other relevant laws and procedures.

Rustam will do everything he can to minimize the charges and consequences you may be facing. If any evidence was obtained illegally, he can file a motion to suppress the evidence. He will also protect you from accidentally incriminating yourself during police questioning.

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