Tickets For Reckless Or Inattentive Driving

Reckless driving and inattentive driving are kind of catch-all offenses. Many driving behaviors may lead to a law enforcement officer issuing a ticket. Something as simple as drifting from your lane while changing a radio station could result in a citation for inattentive driving, because the officer thought you were not paying complete attention to the road when you were behind the wheel.

Rustam A. Barbee, Attorney at Law, has helped many individuals with reckless or inattentive driving citations. Rustam has over 25 years of experience protecting the rights of those who have received traffic tickets or been charged with crimes. He knows how to help you fight the charges you are facing and will explore all options to help you protect your rights.

Skilled Reckless Driving Defense For Civilians And Military Members

Many of Rustam's traffic ticket clients are military members who are licensed drivers in other states. Rustam understands that service members have specific needs that must be addressed. As your lawyer, he will work with you to protect you from the harsh penalties that can apply to traffic tickets in Hawaii and your home state.

While it is rare for the traffic courts to revoke a person's license, know that the more tickets you receive, the greater the penalties that could potentially be handed down in your case. You need to take reckless driving and any other traffic ticket seriously. Pleading guilty and paying the fine without knowing the consequences could leave you in an impossible position.

Protect Your License — Call For A Free Consultation

To learn how Rustam can help you with reckless or inattentive driving citations, please call his Honolulu office at 808-524-4406 or send him an email. He offers free consultations to motorists, commercial drivers and military members throughout Hawaii who have received traffic tickets or been charged with crimes.