How An Attorney Can Help With Your Traffic Tickets

Attorney Rustam A. Barbee has had many clients come to him with questions about traffic tickets over the years. One of the most common questions is whether you really need to have an attorney to fight a traffic ticket. Here are some of the benefits to hiring a traffic ticket attorney to help with your case.

An Attorney Understands All Of The Options Available To You

Receiving a ticket can be embarrassing. You think that you were in the wrong and that by simply paying the fines connected with your ticket, you can start to make things right. You should never make any decisions about any traffic citation before you speak to an experienced lawyer.

Rustam will review the facts of your case and determine the best approach to protect your license. This can help keep you on the road and minimize the potential penalties.

An Attorney Can Protect Your Future

Many people need a license as a condition of employment. If you are a delivery driver or taxi driver or work in another occupation that requires you to drive, the loss of your driving privileges could end your career. Your employer's insurance company may deny you coverage if you obtain too many tickets.

Some occupations face much more serious penalties for tickets. For example, a taxi driver who receives a speeding ticket of more than 10 miles an hour over the limit faces extremely high fines. Too many tickets in a limited time may result in a license suspension if the court decides that it is an appropriate punishment in your case.

An attorney can explain the penalties that come with each ticket and what can be done to contest these charges. Rustam will explain the law to you and help you decide how you wish to proceed in your case. Throughout the process, he will work to make sure that this ticket does not ruin your life.

An Attorney Can Help You Avoid SR-22 Insurance

Certain tickets, such as excessive speeding and DUIs, require you to obtain SR-22 insurance if convicted. This insurance is for drivers who are deemed to be dangerous and engage in behaviors that could result in an increased risk of an accident.

SR-22 insurance is extremely expensive, adding a substantial amount of money to the penalties that you are already facing. Additionally, you will be required to have this insurance for up to three years, which means that you may be paying hundreds of dollars each month just to be able to drive on roads in Hawaii. When you meet with Rustam to discuss your case, he will explain in detail the options that are available to you to potentially avoid having to obtain SR-22 coverage.

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