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The two parts of a DUI arrest in Hawaii

If you were recently arrested for a DUI, you are probably anxious about what will happen next. The consequences of a DUI are severe, affecting your life for years, so it is crucial to have a strong defense for your case. Hawaii DUI cases happen in two parts: an administrative and a criminal hearing. Here is an overview of what these hearings mean for you.

Administrative hearing

If a police officer arrests you for a DUI charge, they will temporarily take possession of your license. From there, court will decide whether they will revoke your license altogether. As this is probably your main method of transportation, a license revocation could greatly impact your life and your job. You might be given a 30-day temporary license while your case is ongoing but this is not guaranteed.

Once court makes a decision about your license, you have 6 calendar days to request a hearing. You may be able to challenge the revocation or obtain a limited license that is used only for driving to work. If you are given driving rights, you will be required to use an Ignition Interlock device in your car. This prevents the car from starting if you have alcohol in your system.

Criminal hearing

Your criminal hearing will determine whether or not you are guilty, as well as the severity of your penalties. First-time offenders can face fines up to $1000 and a license suspension up to 90 days, even if it is not revoked. The other penalty you could face is an SR-22 to prove you are insured, which is very expensive.

If you were arrested, do not despair. It is possible to fight the charges or at least reduce the penalties you would have to endure. A criminal defense attorney can question the legality of the pullover, the procedures the officer used when testing you and the accuracy of the tests you submitted. When so much is on the line, you need an experienced advocate on your side that cares about your situation and your outcome.

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